Well, first of all, welcome to the new area for server/network related news! Isn't it great? I have partnered with a friend of mine to bring together more games all in the one place. The hope is to create a community of gamers and a network of awesome servers to play on.

Moving along, OpenTTD recently had an update to 1.9.0 so we will be updating to that latest version very soon. It shouldn't take too long to update each server and I will try to do it when each server resets so it doesn't interrupt any ongoing games. Along with the updates I will be switching out some of the unused servers with different configurations and then adding in servers 16-19 which will only reset on updates or once the map has become fully saturated. I will give warnings before resetting 16-19 though unless something goes horribly wrong.

That's about it, hope you all enjoy!