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New Version Of ChanServ! April 19th, 2004
We have placed a new version of chanserv and helperserv into service today. There were quite a few internal changes made 4 main ones that you should be aware of.

Adding an op via nickname when they are on a vhost will no longer mask the vhost. Aka it will require them to be on that specific vhost they use, this will help with people trying to impersonate someone else.

VHosts will now expire along with their associated channels. What this means is if your clan dies and your channel gets deleted (30 days after no opping) any vhosts attached to it will also expire at that time.

VHosts now have a new security option you can enable on them. What this will do is require the person in order to use your vhost.. be on your channels autoop list. Aka, someone just finding out the password won`t do them any good, they would have to have thier real host on your channels autoop list to. This security function is OFF by default, but it can be enabled for your channel by asking for help from a HelperServ Helper in #ETG.

You can now view who all is logged into your VHOST. This again is for your own security if you are suspicious of other people using your vhost. If people are on it that don`t belong there, make sure you change your vhost password asap be emailing . To so who all is on your vhost, ask for a HelperServ Helper in #ETG and they will be happy to assist you.

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