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New URL Scanning For Your Security/Safety May 26th, 2004
EnterTheGame is pleased to announce a new security feature on our Network. ETG, being a leader in new security developments, is the first network to develop and integrate such a massive service. Our systems now automatically scan URLs posted against a set of virus/spam definitions and will automatically caution you if something is a potential virus or trojan, or will warn you if something definitely is one. We expect this new system will help tremendously with battle against spam and virus spreading.

Since it was brought online about 24 hours ago it has detected about 100 people with viruses and has not only warned other people to help stop the spreading of them but has automatically removed those users of ours from our systems, for you and the networks protection, until they clean their systems. As such it has protected thousands of other users from getting those viruses themselves as well.

Our system is currently scanning over a thousand URLs per minute, however we recommend that when a URL is posted you wait a minute or two to watch for any warnings or cautions our systems produce prior to following it incase load is high. Obviously this is still only part of a comprehensive personal security plan, we still recommend you also have/use an updated virus scanner on your machine.
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