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EnterTheGame Announces Anniversary Party February 3rd, 2002
(Lexington,KY) - February 3, 2002 - EnterTheGame(ETG), the Leading Gaming Chat Network in America, today announced the details of an on-line party they are hosting to commemorate their 3rd year anniversary on Febuary 5th, 2002. The party will be held on the EnterTheGame IRC Network in the channels #etgforever, #etgpickup, and #etgallstars and will have music, interviews, gaming, an all-stars gaming series, and over $1000 worth of giveaways.

The event will kick off at 8PM EST with a short opening speech by Dave Sherman(VD-WHiZ) the President/Director of Operations for ETG. Shortly following the opening, InsideTheGame(ITG) will go On-Air(shoutcast broadcasting) with music, interviews, requests, etc. The pickup channel will also open at this time so players can start a big night of good times and great gaming on the many dedicated servers that have been generously set aside for ETG`s use on Tuesday night. Dedicated gaming servers for Quake1, Quake2, RocketArena2, Quake3 Team DeathMatch, UrbanTerror, Quake3 Threewave CTF, RocketArena3, Quake 3 OSP, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike, and Wolfenstein will be available. The dedicated servers are being provided by: RailBait, SpeakEasy, ThreeWave, UrbanTerror, QuakeShit, TeamPlay, UltraUnreal, IGL, The FallenAngels, TooCool, Clan McP, and Clan Drakhath.

During the event, ETG is also hosting the first ever ETG All-Stars Event. This is a small single elimination Q3TDM tournament of games played for fun with randomly generated teams. Players from the top clans in the community, along with many well-known community figureheads will be taking part in this event. Players have been confirmed from Xeno, QGirlz, Clan Kapitol, Clan Knightmare, DarkSide, and many others. It won`t matter what team wins or how good the various players are, as its only purpose is to have a great time with friends and perchance make some new ones. Starting at approximately 9:30PM EST, The ETG All-Stars match setup will begin.  The teams will be randomly generated from all in attendance and the players will be separated into different teams for the night. They will have approximately 30 minutes to privately decide on a name for their team and discuss basic strategy, with their new teammates, before the matches begin. The matches themselves will be conducted on private servers that have been provided to us for the evening. During the matches the rankings/match results will be available for viewing on the World Wide Web, Play-By-Play Action will be broadcasted over the internet by the Team Sportscast Network(TSN), and Demos will be recorded by Challenge-TV(CTV).

Between 8PM EST and 12PM There will also be FREE GIVEAWAYS to random people who are attending the event. The more of the party channels you are in the better your chances of winning them in the raffles. The below companies have contributed the following products to be raffled off during the event:

Companies who provided raffle prizes


  (1) ABIT KG7-Raid Motherboard
supporting AMD CPUs
(1) ABIT Siluro GeForce3 - 64meg
With DVI-Out, TV-Out, Video Module, NVidia GF3 VIO Chipset
(8) Func Industries Mousepads

(10) Strike-Force T-Shirts

(2) Logitech Wingman Force-3D Force Feedback Joysticks
(1) Logitech Strike Force-3D Joystick
(3) Logitech Gamepad Extremes
(3) Logitech Wingman Rumble Pads
(1) Logitech Wingman Force Feedback Mouse
(2) Logitech Wingman - 4port USB Hubs
(2) Logitech Wingman Formula GPs

If you or your organization can help with extra prizes or servers for the event, feel free to contact ETG at

About EnterTheGame:

Founded in early 1999, EnterTheGame (ETG) was established to offer Video Gaming Enthusiasts a better place to gather and chat, setup matches, and meet new and friendly people on-line. Within its first 6 months, EnterTheGame excelled to become the Leading Gaming Chat Network in all of America. This was accomplished through hard work, attention to detail, and a dedication to provide the best service possible. ETG is the primary provider of on-line chat services to the vast majority of the On-Line Gaming Tournaments, Websites, MODs, and Organizations. ETG`s unfailing attitude and superior approach to service has earned it the title of being the #1 Gaming Chat Network in America for over 2 1/2 years now. ETG remains in its dominant position by continually expanding on its vast services and offerings that have helped set it apart from all others. Now serving over 2.5 million people a month, ETG surpasses all expectations and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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