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Raid/Capture Of XBN`Phocus For Attacks On ETG August 13th, 2002
(Lexington, KY) - August 13, 2002 - EnterTheGame(ETG), is pleased to announce the first phase in its on-going investigations regarding the attacks the past couple months is over. On Friday August 9th XBN`Phocus was raided by the FBI and is no longer a threat to ETG, Our Users, or any other gaming organization. This brings to a close the 6 month investigation and close co-operation where ETG worked daily with the authorities to help bring this to a successful conclusion. The Agents involved have been a tremendous help and have put a lot of time and effort into tracking him and his colleagues down thus far and we are quite appreciative of it.

Phocus was responsible for hundreds of attacks on ETG and thousands against the gaming community members and other gaming organizations. With the successful raid and apprehension of Phocus, it brings the close of one phase off the investigation and the opening of many new ones.

This puts Phocus in a phase to where more information from his computers will be analyzed to help build a stronger and more concrete case upon him, jurisdiction will be decided upon, and he will then be arrested and prosecuted for his crimes. Dave Sherman, the President of ETG, commented on this, "Despite some of the rumors people have been circulating, Phocus was not arrested and put in jail. When he was raided it was discovered he was only a minor. So at this point all of his computers were confiscated and the FBI is building the case to handle its unique circumstances. I don`t see this as an overall problem however, as in many of our past cases where the person was the juvenile, they were tried as adults and received adult sentencing. Also in Phocus` case one of the odd things was, it`s the only case where the person didn`t even reveal his true identity even to his best friends on-line. Normally we can get a better beat and information on them, but he was pretty smart when it came to that. For over 4 years the name he`s been telling friends, location, even the pictures he gave were all fake. Collin Gregory Fortino isn`t even close to his name, the pictures he gave out of himself and his SUV were all fake ripped off of other websites. In fact he`s not even 17-18 like he said, he`s only around 14-15. Regardless of age however, these were adult crimes and they do deserve an adult punishment."

The evidence gathered from his computers is being compiled and added to our own evidence, of the individuals we are still seeking in connection with these crimes, to aid in their apprehension and prosecution as well. Phocus is also co-operating with the authorities and providing all information that will likewise aid in these investigations. All the individuals who have participated in these crimes are currently being looked at and investigated, and there will be more raids and arrests/prosecutions in the upcoming months relating to this case. When asked about those still free Dave Sherman commented, "One major thing I do have to point out is just because you think you are anonymous by bouncing through other trojaned or hacked hosts, you really aren`t. Everyone leaves a footprint to be traced back by. ETG will probably continue with its investigations mostly behind the scenes, as we have been for years with past investigations, from this stage on. We are entering another hidden section where most information won`t be shared publicly. Attacking others on the internet, and breaking laws on-line is no different then doing so in real life, and the people who do so will likewise have to face the reality of the crimes with punishment. The other interesting parts to see how they pan out in these cases are the new anti-terrorism laws. Make no mistake, hijacking people`s machines and servers and using them to launch attacks on innocent individuals, organizations, and networks is on-line terrorism as much as hijacking something in real life is real world terrorism. New harsh penalties for these types crimes are passed and more in the works."

EnterTheGame also wants to announce the creation of a new internal division soon to better deal with all of with the Cyber-Crime Investigative work. It will tentatively be named the ETG Cyber-Crime Investigative Taskforce. A new website will be launched soon for it that will add to the ability of people being able to submit evidence and informational tips on our various on going investigations. It will also have some history on the investigations as well as a follow ups on what happens to the criminals after capture and prosecution. Likewise it will have interfaces for both State and Federal Authorities to access evidence directly and instantaneously during the cases. Overall it will help streamline information between ETG and the authorities on any on-going cases.

All of the evidence submitted to was carefully analyzed and recorded. There was a great wealth of information submitted on all of the individuals involved. Among many of the evidence submissions were real names, locations, photos, IP Addresses, phone numbers etc. All of the informative tips were helpful. ETG is still seeking more information on Neil, ttol(imagineer), Coolest, or any of their other friends responsible. ETG is committed to following through on all people involved in the attacks on us that are still deemed to be a threat and are actively hurting anyone. Please e-mail any information you have to ASAP.

The ETG Staff greatly appreciates all of the support the community has shown for us during this troubling and rough time. The true test of loyalty and friendship is not just staying there during the good times but during the bad as well. These attacks have hurt ETG in uncountable ways, and there were many underhanded people who sought to take advantage of that. Now is time for recovering and continuing to move forward with everything. It is now time to get back to stability and business as usual. With time the network will be back at its prime. Although ETG is not out of the forest yet it will be soon.

About EnterTheGame:

Founded in early 1999, EnterTheGame (ETG) was established to offer Video Gaming Enthusiasts a better place to gather and chat, setup matches, and meet new and friendly people on-line. Within its first 6 months, EnterTheGame excelled to become the Leading Gaming Chat Network in all of America. This was accomplished through hard work, attention to detail, and a dedication to provide the best service possible. ETG is the primary provider of on-line chat services to the vast majority of the On-Line Gaming Tournaments, Websites, MODs, and Organizations. ETG`s unfailing attitude and superior approach to service has earned it the title of being the #1 Gaming Chat Network in America for over 2 1/2 years now. ETG remains in its dominant position by continually expanding on its vast services and offerings that have helped set it apart from all others. Now serving over 2.5 million people a month, ETG surpasses all expectations and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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