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New EnterTheGame Services !!!!!!! August 8th, 2005

A little over six years ago, EnterTheGame launched its channel services. When we did that we were one of only a handful of networks to offer channel services. What`s more is that we were only one of 3 networks (with DalNet and UnderNet) to have written our own channel services from scratch. We did this to provide a customized experience to all of gaming community with options that met their needs and helped make their lives easier. Prior to this time Clans and channels on almost every  network had to run their own channel bots to protect themselves. After splits and takeovers you would many times be out of luck as the ircops were there for the power and not to help, they didn`t care about your channel. EnterTheGame tore onto the radar screen back then with its revolutionary offerings for services and a helpful staff that actually cared about its users and doing good for the community.

Back then success came fast, in a matter of months the majority of users had left GamesNET and moved their clans to ETG to make their homes here. They fell in love with our Channel Services and friendly/caring staff. Our network along with other major ones of the day, set new standards that people began to expect from irc networks. They began to expect Channel Services and many other things to make their lives easier. After a while our competition jumped on the bandwagon and also started making similar offerings.

Over the years while we have stayed on the cutting edge with our security systems, being the first to pioneer many new detection techniques, we haven`t had as many updates to our Services as we would have liked. We had additions that helped users, but overall not many. The reason for this is as follows. We actually started a total rewrite of our system back in 2001 with revolutionary ideas for the time. However, as many ETGers know, we also started running into some problems back then that got many of our plans shelved. It seemed over the years that every time we re-focused on getting those plans back on track, something happened that required our attention instead. As such we`ve actually had 2 separate code-lines for many years now. One, which is the Channel Services you know, the other is one that you don`t, but soon will.

So this brings us to today... Today, we are proud to say we have finished the first phase of our New Services. A NEW revolution is beginning with these service offerings. Just as we raised the bar before, today we will be doing it all over again. As we always have, we have taken great care to keep things simple for all the users of ETG in terms of converting between service packages. Most networks when they make such a drastic change  require you to start over with the new services and re-input all your Auto-Ops etc. Instead, like always, ETG has spent great care and a lot of time to ensure that your channels will function as they always did so you can hit the ground running. This gives you a great ability, to instead, spend your time checking out the new features, talking to friends, or playing games instead.

Read More: Click Here
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