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Updates For The New Services!! August 12th, 2005
We`d like to thank everyone for the great feedback about the ease of use of our new services and the many new functions that most of you really like. We have just completed 2 more major changes based on your input.

One of the biggest requests with the introduction of the !KB command was to allow the ops also be able to remove the bans. We listened and have re-implemented it so that ops can now do a "!delban nick" the same as they did the kb to unban the bans. Ops now have access to delban anything that is set to expire in 1 week or less.

Notes about DELBAN and how it works in the new system:
1) If the user you are unbanning is still on irc, please make sure you delban him by his nickname, not by the ban mask that was added. The reason for this is special ban flags added to the user when he was banned that prevent him from going and changing vhosts or such to evade your channel bans. If you don`t delban with his name it won`t remove those flags and hence he will keep getting kicked even though you removed the mask of his ban.
2) If you KB for a Week timeframe, you won`t have instant access to DELBAN it. You will need to wait about 1-3 minutes before it will give anyone but the Channel Admin access to remove that ban.

ScrimServ has gotten an update to now let you specify if you have a server to play on or not when you request a scrim.

We also fixed the problem where private chans and non-clans couldn`t get the message about needing channel updates. Just do the command it tells you once. Goto the page if you are an Org, and make sure your Org`s name is correct etc. Click submit and then type the command again on IRC to apply the changes. If you are a private channel just type the command 2 times in a row to disable the message.

To read a large overview of all the changes please Click Here

To jump to a topic that discusses many of the commands in detail Click Here

For the most updated location for help and syntaxes of the different commands type "!help" in your channel or "/msg chanserv help". You can also stop by #ETG and ask in there!

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