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EnterTheGame Announces 7yr Anniversary & SuperBowl Parties February 3rd, 2006

(Lexington,KY) - February 3, 2006 - EnterTheGame(ETG), a Leading Gaming Chat Network in America, today announced the details of an on-line party they are hosting to commemorate their 7th year anniversary. ETG`s actual birthday is on February 5th, but we realize many will be busy that day with SuperBowl Festivities. So instead we have planned 2 days of festivities! We will be officially celebrating our birthday on Feb 4th with 2 big contests and lots of prizes and free give-aways. We will also be having a SuberBowl party for anyone who is watching to support their teams and discuss the game on the 5th. Both parties will be held on the EnterTheGame IRC Network in the channel #etgforever. The weekend`s festivities will have music, gaming pickups, and about $1000 worth of prizes!!!

The Birthday Event will kick off Feb 4th at 7PM EST with a short opening speech, via text and broadcast live, by Dave Sherman(VD-WHiZ) the President/Director of Operations for ETG. Shortly following the speech the broadcast will continue with music and music requests. Two lucky listeners will also win a prize!

We are going to be having two fun contests during the birthday celebration. Starting at 8pm EST we will start a Special Gaming Trivia Contest!! It will cover many things from PC to Console Games and Gaming History. So make sure you know your games/game history otherwise you won`t make it very far in the contest! The top 5 winners of this contest will all receive prizes!

Around 9pm EST, we will be holding a Scavenger-Hunt contest! This will test your internet-search skills. Those who sign up will receive a random question that they need to web-search for the answer of. These AREN`T EASY questions so you WILL need to find the answers. Once you think you have the answer join the channel name that would be the answer. For example if the answer was ETG you would join #ETG. If you got it right you will see the Scavenger-hunt bot and it congratulate you on the answer and will give you your next question/clue. Please note, that some answers are found easier on some search engines vs others. The first 5 people who find the answer to all of their questions first win!

For both of the above contests the person who comes in 1st place will win 2 games, 2nd-5th place winners will win 1 game each.

Finally as the evening continues we will RAFFLE some prizes off to random people who sign-up in the event channel for the various drawings. The prizes are available to USA and Canadian residents by default only, attendees from other countries are able to win if they want to take part, but may have to cover the shipping and handling themselves for items they win.

The SuperBowl Party will start Feb 5th around 6PM EST. Everyone is invited to hang out and support your favorite team and discuss the game. We will RAFFLE a couple prizes after each quarter to random people who sign-up in the event channel for the various drawings.

We hope to see you all there for the contests and festivities on both days!

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