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Recent Downtime February 22nd, 2006
We would like to apologize to everyone for the past instability the last week. We`ve had ChanServ go down for brief periods of time about 3 times, we`ve had a major user drop from a BGP reset, and have had the network go down for a couple hours due to a card going bad at the Telco.

Obviously this past week doesn`t reflect good on us, but we would like to remind you that it is not a good example of what our stability is normally like. Prior to this month, ChanServ had been up for 1/4 of a year without a single small restart or downtime. We generally have rather high stability with a couple splits every month or two compared to most networks which get a couple a day.

So in the end we would like you to keep that in mind.

Regarding ChanServ`s downtime recently, we think the main server ChanServ uses might be stating to show some signs of hardware failure. Obviously with any major system that handles as much as our services do, it will tax any hardware especially seeing that its high usage of 24/7/365 never drops. We are keeping an eye on it and are monitoring it for any more problems. If something does go bad with it, we will have a little bit of downtime while we replace the bad components.

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