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Use this command to join a channel/room.

For example, you want to join #clan_xyz, you would type:

 /join #clan_xyz 

Use this command to invite someone to a channel you are in.

For example, you want to invite your clanmate [xyz]sharpshooter to your clan`s channel #clan_xyz, you would type:

 /invite [xyz]sharpshooter #clan_xyz 

Use this command to find out which channels someone is in.

For example, you want to know which channels [xyz]sharpshooter is in, you would type:

 /whois [xyz]sharpshooter 

The topic is what people first see when they join your channel. Use this command to set a topic for your channel.

For example, to change the topic in #clan_xyz to welcome people to your channel, type the following:

 /topic #clan_xyz Welcome to the home of Clan XYZ 

There are 2 common user modes that affect a user`s status in a channel. They are:

Mode Meaning Effect
+o Ops Allows you to kick others out of the channel.
+v Voice Allows you to talk in the channel if it is moderated (see below)

To assign one of these modes to a user, you must have ops in the channel.
For example, you want to op [xyz]sharpshooter in #clan_xyz, you would type:

 /mode #clan_xyz +o [xyz]sharpshooter 

There are a number of channel modes you can set on your channel that affect it. The most common ones are listed below.

Mode Meaning Effect
+t Topic Only ops are allowed to change the topic.
+n No external messages external messages Nobody can send messages to the channel unless they`re in the channel.
+i Invite-only You must get invited by someone in the channel to enter the channel.
+m Moderated Only ops and voices can talk in the channel.
+k Key The channel has a key you need to type in to join the channel.
+l Limit The channel is limited to only allow a set number of people in the channel.
+p Private The channel will not appear on a /whois listing of a channel member.
+s Secret The channel will not be visible to someone outside the channel.

To assign one of these modes to a channel, you must have ops in the channel.
For example, you want to make your clan`s private channel #xyz.priv invite-only so nobody but your clanmates can enter, you would type:

 /mode #clan_xyz +i 

Last Updated: May 12th, 2005 - By: whiz
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