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If you are killed for an unsecured connect, you need to check a few things:

1. What is the g-line message? (We`ll need the information in blue)
"[Ref#: 9940 - Expires:5/25/05] Insecure Proxy - Socks 4 - Port 1080"
"[Ref#: 9940 - Expires:5/25/05] Insecure Proxy - Socks 5 - Port 8080"
"[Ref#: 9940 - Expires:5/25/05] Insecure Proxy - Port 3128"
"[Ref#: 9940 - Expires:5/25/05] Insecure Connection (Type CBL:proxy)"
2. What is your Internet IP address? You can obtain this when you logon in a few places, as well as in a kill message if you are banned, it looks like what`s below.
You can find your IP manually if connected to the Internet with one of the following commands:
Windows 95/98 open a DOS window, type: winipcfg
Windows 2K/XP/2K3 open a DOS window, type: ipconfig
3. Are you using a connection sharing, proxy, NAT, webcam, web caching program?

4. Are you connecting through a connection sharing, proxy, NAT, web caching to get out to the internet?
If you answered yes to either 3 or 4 then you have something insecure on your system. What this means is a malicious person on the internet can connect into your system or server and bounce back out to the internet to do things. While that doesn`t seem like much, it is a huge security risk. That person can go and attack or harass someone, hack a server at NASA, a .gov site, or anywhere. That means you get in trouble for them doing it, you`d face potential federal charges and civil law suits for the actions of someone else all because it points right back at you.

Below are some links and information we have written up for securing a number of different types of products. You can skip the following questions and proceed directly to them. Once you have secured your system you can contact and they will remove the ban and our security system will re-assess your security to make sure you are secure the next time you connect.
If you answered NO to both 3 and 4, then continue on to the following questions.

5. What is your Internet Service Provider? @HOME, AOL, CharterCom, BellSouth, etc...

6. What kind of service do you have? DSL, Cable, Dial-Up, Wireless, etc...

7. Do you have a Cable/DSL/Dial-up Router to share connections? If so what is the manufacturer and model#?

8. If you have a Cable/DSL connection what is the manufacturer and model # of the modem you are using?

Once you have answers to all those questions then contact an ETG Admin via the "Chat with Admin" link to the left, and let then know the info from the questions and we will work with you to figure out why you are being detected that way and help you correct the problem.

*** Please note we have a volunteer staff, not a paid staff. As such we are not available 24/7. If nobody answers your "Chat with Admin" try back later. We generally have someone available between 10am-10pmEST. Thanks. ***
Last Updated: May 5th, 2010 - By: PennStater
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