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How To Secure Common Connection Sha...
How To Secure Common Connection Sharing Software

Wingate Manual Secure Configuration for LAN access only:
  1. - Open GateKeeper and log into WinGate as Administrator.
  2. - Double click on Policies, and double click on "Default Policies"
  3. - Select the right "Users can access services"
  4. - There will be one recipient there - "Everyone". Double click on this recipient.
  5. - Select the Location tab.
  6. - Select "Specify locations from where this recipient has rights"
  7. - Add the following IP addresses under Included locations:, and the first three numbers of your WinGate machine`s network card followed by a .* - for example if your network card has IP address, then you would add 192.168.0.*. If you have more than one network card in the WinGate machine then add an entry for each one that will be requiring access to WinGate.
  8. - Hit OK, and remember to save changes.
Physically secure your Wingate server:
  1. - Open GateKeeper and log into WinGate as Administrator.
  2. - Double click on "Services" in the right hand pane.
  3. - Double click on the service you want to modify.
  4. - The "General" tab you see in front of you has an option on it - "Bind to specific interface" - enable this option, and type in the address of the interface you are binding to. The interface address is the IP address of a LAN card in your WinGate machine, or for the free user (localhost).

We’ve been told that upgrading to the newest version of Sygate corrects insecurity problems.
MS Proxy Server

Go to Settings ==> Advanced == > Packet Filter
Select the Incoming Tab
Select The NIC Card you use with your Cable Modem/DSL/etc
Add the following Rules.

Rule #1
Protocol: TCP
Type: Any Address
Port: Any Port
Type: Any Address
Port: Equal to 80
Action: Drop
TCP Flags: Both

Rule #2
Protocol: TCP
Type: Any Address
Port: Any Port
Type: Any Address
Port: Equal to 3128
Action: Drop
TCP Flags: Both

N.A.T. 32
Open a file named "startup" found in the nat32 directory in a text editor.
Two lines you should change:
One says " telnetd on" you need to put a "#" at the beginning to comment it out. The second is "httpd 80 &"you need to put a "#" in front of it to comment it out. Save the changes and restart N.A.T. 32
Com Socks

You need to modify the squid.conf
Create an alias for my internal IP range called internalnet
Give it accept privs
Give the existing alias of ALL, deny privs
Basically the ACLs need to be set to deny by default and accept only for your internal IP range.


Last Updated: 5/13/2005
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