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Keep your client updated

Your chat client is updated from time to time, usually for a reason.

Sending/Receiving files (DCC sends/accepts) / DCC chat

Do not send or receive files via DCC (as necessary), or connect to others via DCC Chat (as necessary), doing so can reveal your real IP address to the person you are connecting to or who is connecting to you. Do not DCC chat with anyone, doing so can reveal your real IP address to the person you are connecting to or who is connecting to you. If you want to be really paranoid/secure, disable DCC altogether and ignore all DCC sends and chat.

Links Pasted in Channels/in Private Message/on IRC

Do not click links from strangers, people you don’t trust, or from anyone if you are REALLY paranoid. Doing so can reveal your real IP when you go to the website in question, you can acquire a Trojan/Virus from the site, and sometimes malicious code can be run on your computer when you go to a site created by a ‘hacker’ or ‘script kiddie’. This may allow them backdoor access to your system where they can do whatever they want. Unless you like sharing everything on your machine with complete strangers and reformatting, don’t click random links on IRC. Many times this is accomplished because the person that clicks on the link does not have their Operating System updated, and they are vulnerable to such types of code and Trojans. Keep your system updated, no matter what OS you run.

ETG Vhosts

Use your clan/org/group/channel’s VHOST for added protection while on E.T.G. Use the ETG VHOST script located in the VHOST section on the menu to the left. You should be USING your VHOST and the ETG vhost script for added protection while on the network, this way your real IP/mask is hidden. (ETG VHOSTS only work ON ETG) You can turn on ETG vhost security, so people only on autoops of your channel can login to your vhost, this is for added vhost protection so people cannot gain unauthorized access. Ask for this security feature to be turned on, in #ETG.
Last Updated: May 13th, 2005 - By: atomics
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