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Know who your friends are.

Do not op everyone that enters your channel, there is always the risk of some fool that you will op, who will kickban everyone from your channel and change the topic to something stupid, because you opped them. Donít just op anyone, and do a /whois nickname, before you op someone, be sure they are who they say they are.

What masks are on your Auto-Op/Auto-Voice lists?

To find out what masks you have added to ChanServ for Auto-Ops/Auto-Voice use the following command: /msg ChanServ info #yourchannel youradminpass

Cleaning out your Auto-Op list

Clean out our Auto-Op list regularly after clan/organization/group members leave or quit who should no longer have Auto-Ops (at your discretion).

Removing/Replacing Broad Masks in Auto-Ops

Very broad masks such as *!*blah@* should also be removed as they pose a security risk to your channel. Try to be more specific with the masks if at all possible, such as: *!*blah@215.45.*

Adding your VHOST to Auto-Ops

If your clan/organization/group has a VHOST, while it will make administrating your channel easier to just add the vhost to auto-ops it will also make your channel less secure if the vhost password gets leaked out. Vhost password leaks happen frequently, so make sure your clan members know the importance of not giving it out.


PreventOps should be set to ON so only those on your Auto-Op list are @opped. Example: /msg ChanServ set PREVENTOPS #yourchan youradminpass ON What it does: This ChanServ option allows only ChanServ to @op people in your channel, so that someone is not mistakenly @opped, as to thwart channel takeovers/abuse by people that should not be @@opped. This should help with people @popping clan/org/group impersonators, only those on the Auto-Op list that have matching masks will get @ops. To turn off, use: /msg ChanServ set PREVENTOPS #yourchan youradminpass OFF


A ChanPass is optional, but can give your channel some added security. Example: /msg ChanServ set ChanPass #yourchan youradminpass ChanPasshere What it does: This ChanServ option disables normal Auto-Ops, people only receive Auto-Ops if they are on the Auto-Op list AND they have the correct ChanPass. To turn off, use: /msg ChanServ set ChanPass #yourchan youradminpass NONE Change this password when you remove a @op or someone quits who should no longer have the password.

VHOST Security

If your clan/organization/group uses a VHOST, you can enable a security setting that will prevent anyone from using it who doesn`t have thier real ip on your channels auto-op list. This is a great way to keep only your clan mates on your vhost, as even if the password gets out it will do the people no good. You can also see a list of all people currently on your vhost to see if people you don`t know are using it. To do either of these please see a Helper/Admin in #ETG and they will assist you.
Last Updated: May 13th, 2005 - By: atomics
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