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EnterTheGame`s Policy Regarding Cop...
EnterTheGame`s Policy Regarding Copyrighted Material

EnterTheGame(ETG) is based in the United States and therefore obeys and enforces all applicable copyright laws subject to that. This includes but is not limited to the provisions/laws outlined in the U.S.C. Chapter 17 and those outlined in the Berne Convention(international copyright laws).

As an entity, ETG does not support or endorse any form of copyright infringement and promptly acts on issues regarding copyright and other intellectual property laws. We have warned and banned thousands of people over the years due to infringement relating to software and other forms of infringement.

We, like everyone else, know these things do happen and are a major issue in today`s digital age. We do our best to ensure there is no form of mass distribution or any major form of infringement upon our network. Obviously we do not and cannot monitor everything that happens on our network so we do need tips from users on our network in some cases to point out some things that may be going on. However, we try to keep a close eye on things that may be happening and try to be as proactive as possible relating to such issues.

Our major rule regarding ETG is quite simple. If the act is illegal, you shouldn`t be doing it on ETG. But to outline this further please see below for further clarification.

Not allowed on ETG:
No Warez (distribution of copyrighted software)
No MP3s (distribution of copyrighted music)
No VCDs or other Video (distribution of copyrighted movies/shows)
No ISOs (distribution of CD mirrors of copyrighted work)

People who break these rules will either get warned and told to stop it and then followed up with to make sure they did, or they will be banned depending on the situation.

We recently have made an exception to blanket enforcement on one part if this at the request of the anime fansubbing community. Very basically anime fansubbing is where fans of a Japanese cartoon take that work in broadcast form that is un-licensed in the USA and subtitle it so that people in the USA and other parts of the world can likewise enjoy these great works. They do this in a not-for-profit way in their spare time, much like game modification authors make their "mods" as hobbies.

So the question is: is what they do ethical/legal? Well yes and no, what some groups do is far from legal. They fansub anime that is licensed in the USA and distribute it, not only violating copyright but hurting that company`s profit margin in these markets. ETG does not support or allow this form of bootlegging or these form of groups on our network. In fact, any prospective anime fansubbing groups wishing to make their home on ETG go through an exhaustive system that takes up to 2 weeks during which we check around and make sure they don`t deal in licensed works or do any other things that stand out as illegal.

Now one point to remember here is, just because a series hasn`t been licensed doesn`t mean it`s legal for you to fansub. In fact it is still a copyrighted work, and that must be paid heed to. Very basically there is a relationship that exists, and has been explained to us, between the fansubbing community and various Japanese animation firms. Many such firms allow and in fact like fansubbing groups to do this. It increases the overall exposure for their series and expands awareness and the popularity of it. In many cases the USA companies look to the fansubbing community to see what is and is not popular here so they know what to pickup. Good examples of this would be FUNimation`s licensing of DragonBallZ which was brought over originally by fansubbers and caught on and hence once corporate America saw the market for that, they licensed it, dubbed the voices, and brought it to the USA. Other examples would be A.D.Vision`s and many other such USA companies keeping their close eyes on the community to see what is popular so they know what would be good for them to license.

That being said, yes, it is illegal by the letter of the law, but the law also states there are legal exceptions so long as the company has given permission or feels you are benefiting them and doesn`t desire for you to stop. The groups we allow on ETG are ones appear to fit that area where they have written/unwritten permissions or relationships with those companies to do so, as long as they make no money off it, and stop distributing it and destroy all copies once a USA firm licenses it. Basically, it`s tolerated so long as it is a fan-based initiative that only adds to the company`s market share and doesn`t detract from it.

Likewise ETG respects each of these companies copyright and their right to have something subbed by fans or not depending on how they see it effecting their overall market and bottom line. This is very much similar to groups who make Gaming MODS based on certain cartoons etc and the companies decide they don`t want their characters used in that manner. If you are a company with such a copyright and you have proof an individual or group on ETG is dealing in your copyrighted work and you don`t wish them to, please contact them and let them know they don`t have your permission. If they don`t stop distributing then please by all means contact us at about it and we will warn and if need be remove the offending person/group from our network to make sure it won`t happen by them on ETG again.

Our rules/points concerning our anime channels/groups are as follows:

1. No licensed anime: This refers to any anime series, movie or manga that has been licensed outside of Japan. Even if it has been licensed and not released yet, it is not to be distributed on ETG or subtitled by a group on ETG. When series get licensed you are responsible to remove all copies of them from distribution.

2. If a company that holds the copyright to a material requests that you not sub it or asks you to remove it from distribution, you must comply immediately. Please let us know if this should happen.

3. We expect the anime community to take an active role here on ETG by self-policing. If you see someone distributing licensed anime or other copyrighted material such as OSTs or artbooks, tell him/her to remove it and inform them of the rules. If you are in charge of the channel it`s being done in and they don`t comply, ban them from the channel. Please let us know if they continue to distribute it. We will immediately confront them about it and remove them from the network if necessary.

4. No hentai. If you are unsure about whether a particular anime is classified as hentai, ask us for clarification. In general, anything of an explicitly sexual or pornographic nature that would garner a minimum NC-17 or X-rating according to MPAA standards would be classified as hentai.

5. Channel must remain +s (for those who don`t know this makes the channel not show up in a /list or /whois). This is for your own channel`s protection and to prevent as many problems as possible.

6. Our staff periodically goes around (normally once a week) and does random checks to make sure the community is complying with our rules. However, if anyone brings violations to our attention we look into them immediately. We use the following sites as resources to determine what has and has not been licensed:

7. All original credits for the work including its copyright info must be kept in it and not covered or otherwise hidden.

8. The above rules are geared towards fansubs done in English. If you are from another country that speaks a different language and your fansubs are not in English and only in that other language then you would be responsible for the above rules but only on items licensed in your country.

Are you interested in moving your fansub/fan group to ETG? For channel registrations, please email with your desired channelname, channel purpose, website, and list of current projects.

By operating within these guidelines you are free to continue to use ETG. These guidelines may change without notice.

Please also visit ETG`s Rules of Conduct and Policies to familiarize yourself with the rest of our rules and policies.

Last Updated: 5/13/2005
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