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Beginners FAQ
This FAQ is designed to answer the basic just-starting-out questions you may have when you first connect to the EnterTheGame (ETG) IRC network. In-depth answers may be found elsewhere on this website. Being new to IRC is fine -- we were all there at one time -- but reading this may assist you with becoming more comfortable using our network and help you make sense of the chaos you find yourself in.

Q. How do you connect to our network?

A. You`ll need an IRC client, which is a program you can download that`ll allow your computer to connect to one of our ETG servers and let you chat with other users. There are many different IRC programs available for a variety of operating systems. The most common one for Windows users, mIRC, is available here. Download it and install it.

When you run the client for the first time, you`ll be asked to set some options for yourself. If you need additional help with setting it up, try this tutorial to help get you started. Please note, offensive/abusive nicknames aren`t tolerated on ETG. Make it a nice nickname. You should also be able to select the server you wish to connect to. If you don`t see an EnterTheGame server listed, add it to the list. Use as the server address.

Alternately, in the text entry window at the bottom of your mIRC program, you can type /server to connect directly to ETG. This will automatically connect you to one of ETG`s irc servers. Once connected, you can begin chatting once you find a channel you like.

If you have a firewall in place, you may notice an alert at this time from There is no harm being done to you. This is merely to check and see if you are on an insecure proxy on our network. This is a measure necessary to cut down on channel takeovers and various forms of harassment. E-mail if you wish to see legal documentation allowing this. If you didn`t understand any of what this paragraph just said, don`t worry. We`re harmless. We`re not infecting you with any trojans or trying to hack into your computer. That`s all you need to know.

If you are not able to connect to ETG after being scanned by our security scanner, please see the answer to "I can`t connect to ETG. How do I fix this?"

Q. How do I change/register my nickname on ETG?

A. When you connect to ETG, the server will check to see if the nickname you`ve picked is in use. If so, it will use the alternate nickname you`ve selected. If that`s also taken, it will prompt you for a new one. To change your nickname, you would type /nick newonehere. You cannot put spaces in your nickname -- so no "Elvis Is King", but "Elvis_Is_King" *is* acceptable. You can also use the /nick command if you simply feel like changing your nickname.

If you have used other IRC networks, you may be familiar with services called NickServ or AuthServ. Neither of those services are accessible by regular users on ETG.

Q. How do I find the channel I`m looking for?

A. Channelnames begin with a #. If you know the name of the channel you want to join, you would type /join #channelname. If you don`t know the specific name of the channel, or you`re looking to find a list of channels relating to a particular topic or game, you might want to try the /list command. If you /list searchwordhere then mIRC will get a list of channels which include your searchword in either the channelname itself or its topic. If you do a /list WITHOUT any additional words, then mIRC will get a list of all the non-secret/private channels on ETG. This CAN take a while, so be warned.

Once you have your search results, then you can double-click on the channelname of the channel you want to join, or type /join #channelname.

Q. How do I create/register one of my own channels?

A. Registering a channel puts ChanServ into the channel so that you can retain control of the channel even when you`re not connected to ETG. We have rules regarding channel registrations. Some channels are registered through a different process. Please review the rules first here. To register a channel through the regular process, join the #channelname you want to register. If there`s a ChanServ in there already, or you cannot gain access to the channel, then you won`t be able to register it.

If you are the first one in the channel, you should see your nickname along the side of your mIRC program with a @ symbol beside it. This indicates that you have operator status (commonly referred to as "having ops") in the channel, which is your first requirement before registering the channel. If you do not have ops in the channel because someone else was there first, we cannot register the channel to you.

Next, /join #etg. During most of the day and night, regardless of where you are in the world, we have administrators/"admins" and HelperServ helpers available to provide support and service in our main network support channel. To identify us, look for the @ or + symbol by the name of the user. Admins will have the @ symbol by their name. Helperserv helpers have a + symbol by their name. Only these people are able to register channels for you.

Once you have joined #etg, ask to register your channel. To assist us, having all the information we need on one line is very useful and time-saving. Say something like "I would like to register #channelname. I will be using it for . I am waiting and ready in that channel." You should get a response as soon as an admin or a helper notices your request. Do not spam your request repeatedly. Once is enough. If we are all busy and nobody responds, please be patient. We`ll be with you as soon as we can. You may repeat your request at intervals, but anything more than once every 10 minutes or so is probably too much.

Once an admin or a helper has responded to your request, they will join your channel and ask some questions, if necessary, as part of the registration process. Answer truthfully. If we feel something about your channelname is objectionable, they may ask you to add the word "clan" or "team" to it if applicable, or ask you to email in order to ask that it be registered. Most times, though, once the questions are answered, you`ll receive a msg from HelperServ.

HelperServ will ask you a series of questions. Please read the questions carefully before answering them. Remember the adminpass you pick, as you will need it to help keep control of your channel. Once you have completed answering those questions, the channel registration will be complete and you will be the channel admin of your own channel!

Q. How do I set my friend as an operator/op of my channel? How about a voice/peon? Halfop?

A. Having operator status is less powerful than being a channel admin of a channel, but it will still allow the person with ops to kick or ban abusive users, change the topic of a channel, and confer operator status/voice status on another user.

To put someone on the auto-op list for your channel (which means ChanServ will give them (@)ops every time they join), the command is /msg ChanServ addop #channelname nicknameORhostmask. See this page for more information about these hostmasks and this page for help with ChanServ commands/settings.

To put someone on the auto-voice list for your channel (which means ChanServ will give them (+)voice every time they join), the command is /msg ChanServ addvoice #channelname nicknameORhostmask.

We do not have (%)half-ops on this network.

Q. Where do I go if I need help while I`m connected to ETG?

A. If you need ETG-related assistance while you`re connected to our network, please join the channel #etg to ask for the help you need. Asking your question or stating why you need help clearly is preferable to asking whether we are around. We will be able to respond more quickly to your concerns/needs if we know why you are looking for assistance. We will be able to help you with matters concerning your connection to the network, issues with channel management, other users interfering with your time on or usage of the network.

Please be considerate and respectful while in #etg. This IS the main support channel for our network and as such, we have many users of varying ages in the channel. Do not spam/repeat your request repeatedly. Do not use foul language. Often, the question you have may be answerable by other users in the channel with you.

If you have a game-specific question, instead of asking in #etg, consider asking your question in a channel directly related to the game you`re asking about. For example, #counterstrike would be a better place to ask CS questions, just like #ut would be better to ask about Unreal Tournament questions.

If you have other questions not directly related to ETG, like computer troubleshooting questions or scripting issues, you may want to ask those in a channel like #helpdesk.

Q. I see some people with masks. What are they? How do I get one?

A. Those are called vhosts, which are "virtual hosts" created by ETG for clans and legitimate organizations to hide real IPs/hostmasks for security purposes. See this page for more information about VHosts. In order to get one, please ask an admin/op in #etg. You must be the primary channel admin of your public #channel, and you must be requesting one for a clan or other legitimate organization. Unfortunately, we do not register VHosts for personal/vanity use and/or for private channels.

Q. I can`t connect to ETG. What do I do?

A. If you are unable to connect to ETG and you see a message that looks like this: (Insecure Connection (Type Insecure HTTP Bounce - Port 80) - for help to get your security fixed plz go here: ), please visit that webpage and follow instructions. After ensuring your system is clean, you can email or use the handy "Chat With Admin" feature on our webpage to get in contact with us.

Q. What if I`m banned? How do I get in contact with you guys to fix it?

A. You may see a user join a channel and immediately quit with the message: Killed (Services.EnterTheGame.Com ([Ref#:number � Expires:date] ban reason)). This means that user matched a G-Line and was denied access to the network. A G-Line is a global ban (ie. for all servers on our network) from ETG. If that ever happens to you, you will need to pick one of two options to get in contact with us. On ETG a G-Line msg will have a Reference Number (Ref#), an expiration date, and a ban reason which will be a short description of the reason for the ban. You can email the message to with an explanation why you think it happened, if you know, and your explanation as to why the G-Line should be removed to allow you access to our network again. You could also try our handy Chat With Admin feature on our website. If we`re available we`ll be able to resolve your problem more quickly. Do not attempt to gain access to the network to ask why you have been G-Lined. Doing so is a violation of our rules and policies and may get the G-Line extended for a longer duration.

Q. I get disconnected from ETG sometimes. How do I fix that?

A. "[10053] Software caused connection abort" errors are not the fault of our network. It`s usually attributable to a Winsock error or other routing error on your end. See this page for more information about it.

Last Updated: May 13th, 2005 - By: whiz
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