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What's a Scrim?
Scrim is short for Scrimmage. In other words, a practice match, skirmish, or war that wasn't required by a tournament to be played. These are generally played for fun, and for training, and maybe for bragging rights. They're usually on the fly instead of set up days in advance.

How can I find Scrims on ETG?
There are many ways to find a Scrim. Up until now for years everyone has had to just ask in all the channels they are in if anyone wants to scrim or in some cases join a larger community channel and ask in there.

The problem with those methods is:

  • They get very spammy with the same people saying they want a scrim 2-20 times in a couple minutes
  • They aren't standardized, everyone asks differently and provides different information, and in most cases, not enough information to decide if you would want to scrim them.
  • You aren't reaching your target audience. Most of the people you are spamming the requests to may not play the game with people from your region due to pings, or may not play the same mod or game as you. So you are wasting alot of effort.
  • You can only spam in a maximum of 20 channels, which limits the number of people who can see it and limits the number of people who will take you up on it.

Is there a better way to find Scrims?
You-bet-cha! Introducing one of ETG's newest services, ScrimServ !

So what is ScrimServ?
ScrimServ is ETG's newest ability to find Scrims from the comfort of your own Clan Channel. It allows you to send Scrim Requests to ALL CLANS signed up to play the same game/mod/gametype as you in the same region as you! No more spamming people who don't play in the same area! PLUS it gets sent out instantly to potentially thousands more people then any other method you can use such as /amsgs.

Why should I use ScrimServ over other methods?

  • It takes LESS THAN A MINUTE to send it to a bunch of interested Clans!
  • It is TARGETED. Meaning it will only send to other clan channels that play that same game in the same area as you. It won't go sending it to people in other countries or on different geographical coasts of your country unless those people also play people from your area. So you aren't wasting time and upsetting other people by spamming others who don't care.
  • Because it is targeted, you will get a greater response from your requests. People will pay more attention to requests that they know will apply to them.
  • It is standardized. It offers all of the vital information in one small message, allowing people to know where you are located, what game and mod you want to play, if you have a server, how many players you have, and your channel and nickname to contact you if interested.
  • It offers Spam protection. People can't keep going and spamming the requests countless times. Plus anyone who abuses the system will get in trouble with ETG.
  • You open your clan up to a targeted audience that will potentially consist of thousands more people who would want to play you! With other methods, the best you could reach would be hundreds at best.
  • The more Clans that sign-up, the greater the # of people you can reach. So the number of people is always increasing that can play with you.
  • It has support for about 100 Games/Mods/GameTypes, and more added all the time!
  • It's free, is built in already, and doesn't require any extra bots in your channel.

So why wouldn't I use ScrimServ?
Well, if you don't want to reach more people, don't want to increase your odds of getting a Scrim, or if you just enjoy being spammy, then this might not be the system for you.

Who can use ScrimServ?
Any and all of the auto-ops in a Clan Channel, once it has been turned on by the Channel Admin.

Ok, so how do I set up ScrimServ for my channel?
Your Clan Channel Admin just need to type: " !set scriminfo " in the channel when authed (/msg chanserv auth #chan adminpass)

ChanServ will give a him a Website URL to goto. Once on the website, he can select what Games and Mods the clan plays, specify what region you guys play in, and specify what regions you want to see scrim requests for . All in all, it takes less then 5 minutes to do.

Ok, so how do we use ScrimServ after it's been set up with games?
This process couldn't be easier, it only takes less then a minute for anyone to send out!

Just Type " !scrim " in your channel, and ScrimServ will private message you for options. Just answer it's easy questions such as, what game and how many players, and you will be on your way!

Can you walk me through sending a Scrim Request?
Type " !scrim " in your clan channel and you will get the below message:

Greetings, I'm ScrimServ And I'm Going To Assist You With Getting Your Clan A Scrim. Please Type In The Game # From The List Below That You Are Looking To Scrim In. (If Game Is Not Listed Ask Your Channel Admin To Add It To The List.) (You Can Type 'QUIT' At Any Time To Exit This System)
[ 58 ] Quake 4 - DM [ 60 ] Quake 4 - CTF

From this first question, you can select your Game/Mod. Just type in the number in yellow for the game you want the Scrim for.

After that, you'll get a new question:

Next I Need To Know How Many Players You Want... Type The # Of The One You Want: 1) 1v1 2) 2v2 3) 3v3 4) 4v4 5) 5v5 6) 6v6 7) 7v7 8) 8v8

Select the # you want and you'll get a new menu choice:

Do You Have A Private Server To Play The Scrim On? Type YES or NO..

The server is one you have access to or own. It can be a match server or just a private game server.

After you pick yes or no, you'll get a confirmation screen for preview before it is sent out to all channels subscribed to that game/region.

Is The Following Correct? Once Requested You Can't Change It. Type YES or NO..
Channel: #mychan NickName: mynick
Game: Quake 4 - DM 4v4
Server Status: No Server

If you say No, ScrimServ exits the system and you can start over.

If you say Yes here, then ChanServ will send out your request to everyone. The different sections are color coded and in specific areas of the message to make identifying the specific details easily done with a quick glance.

[ Scrim Request | Quake 4 - DM - 4v4 | USA East | Have Server ] If Interested See: #mychan - mynick

Its just that easy!

How do I change what region we show up as?
The Region shown is dependent on what you have set in your channel. The channel admin can change that at any
time by doing " !set scriminfo " in the channel so he gets a URL to configure it.

What are some of the games currently supported?
The few of the games currently offered via ScrimServ are:
Counter-Strike / Counter-Strike: Source
BattleField 2
Quake4 / Quake3 / Quake2 / Quake1
UT2004 / 99

This is not the complete list by any means, but just a short list of some of the more popular games on the list.

Most of these have mods as well that are added, like Quake4 has Clan Arena, CTF, CTFS, DM and RA4

If there is a popular Game or MOD that you would like to see added, please email with the details. Please note, what you see when you type !scrim is only what your channel admin has setup in the system. He can add more from the list on the website. If the game doesn't appear on the website is when you would ask us to add it to that list.

What Regions are currently setup in the system?
For regions, we have:
USA East
USA Central
USA West
AUS East
AUS West
Oceania (NZ)
South America

I have other questions about this, where can I ask them?
Feel free to ask them in our main support channel #ETG

Last Updated: March 10th, 2006 - By: whiz
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