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How do I obtain a VHost?
First and foremost your clan must have a channel on ETG for the VHost to be associated to. A channel admin for that channel may then come in to #ETG and request that an Admin set up their VHost. The VHost name will be based on the channel`s name. If you are requesting a VHost you need to have a non-free email account (not Hotmail, GMail, etc) ready for the VHost information to be sent to.

How do I use my VHost?
The email you receive with your VHost information will include your VHost`s LoginID and Password. To log in to your VHost use the following command:
  /msg ChanServ VHOST LoginID Password  
ChanServ will then reply with:

VHost Login Successful VHost Login Failed
if you entered the right information if you entered the wrong information.

Once logged into your VHost type    //whois $me     if you use mIRC and you can look at your shiny new VHost!

What responsibilities do I have for my VHost?
Channel admins that request VHosts are responsible for their VHost and the actions of users who are behind that VHost. If someone uses your VHost to bypass a ban or break any other ETG rule your VHost may be locked which means no one will be able to log in to it. Only give VHost login information to people you trust! If you think your VHost information leaked or if you think it`s being abused please come to #ETG and report it immediately. We can change your VHost password at any time so don`t hesitate to bring problems to our attention. If you`re taking responsibility for your VHost then you won`t need to worry about losing the VHost privilege.

How do I change my VHost password?
If you`re a channel admin for that VHost`s channel you may come to #ETG and an ETG Admin or Helper can assist you. HelperServ will ask you for the channel admin password as well as the current and new VHost passwords. Please note: HelperServ will ask you for a LoginID which is the first part of the VHost command (/msg ChanServ VHOST LoginID Password) and is also displayed on the LEFT when HelperServ shows your VHost.

How do I give AutoOPs to a VHost?
Many people set up their channels to AutoOP their VHost or the VHosts of trusted clans/orgs.

To do this you would add *!*@clan/org.on.EnterTheGame.Com to your AutoOPs using the ADDOP command.
/msg ChanServ ADDOP #myclanname mypassword *!*@myclanname.on.EnterTheGame.Com

ChanServ will then reply with the following if it was successful:
Addition Of *!*@myclanname.on.EnterTheGame.Com To Channel #myclanname Successful

What other options do I have for my VHost?
There is a security feature available for VHosts which will only allow AutoOPs for the VHost`s channel to log in to the VHost. This means if you`re not an AutoOP for that channel you can`t use the VHost. If you have problems with VHost passwords leaking, other VHost abuse concerns, or just want to take an extra security precaution this feature can be enabled and disabled in the same way that you change your VHost`s password.

Anything else I need to know about VHosts?
MAKE SURE THE EMAIL YOU ENTER IS CORRECT! This will save all of us from many headaches. Once you get an email for your VHost SAVE IT! If you lose your VHost information there is no easy way to get it back right now. Any time you register a VHost or change a VHost password make sure you hang on to that information.

Also, please remember that if you`re using VHosts for the security of hiding your IP that is only one step to protecting yourself while on ETG. Having firewalls running and keeping a virus scanner up to date will also help you keep your computer safe from harm. If you have questions about VHosts or security please come talk to us in #ETG.

Last Updated: May 5th, 2005 - By: ButtaKnife
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