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VHOST Script For mIRC

This system has been created for use by reputable clans and organizations based here on EnterTheGame. What this new system does is changes your hostmask on the network, so that nobody can see your real ip/hostmask. For example such a vhost would look like this: yourclan.on.EnterTheGame.Com where your clan represents your clan name.

While our system will help protect yourself while on EnterTheGame, we are going to be straight up about it; no type of system like this will fully protect you. It can protect people from getting your real IP on IRC which is a big step and a big protection. This is only part of a comprehensive way that you can better protect yourself. Other options you still have to protect yourself would be for example some sort of firewall. Don`t DCC Chat or DCC Send with them (the people you don`t trust). They will see your real IP despite the vhost, as DCC creates a Direct Connection between you and them.

We recommend using this VHost Script, and also using some of the other things listed below.

Other things to also help keep yourself protected while using the internet include using an anti-virus program such as Norton AntiVirus, McAfee VirusScan, PC-illin, and Panda Antivirus. Also using a firewall program such as ZoneAlarm, BlackICE, and Sygate to name a few. These methods will help you in efforts against being sent malicious files that may help others gain access to your computers, as well as help in blocking Denial of Service attacks against yourself.

The way the vhosts work within our system as a channel admin, is you can add the vhost to auto-ops in your channel and when your clan members authenticate to it and join the channel, they will be opped. Likewise, ChanServ will also match them on their real IPs; if you have matching hosts in the auto-op list for that.

Your real IP however, does still need to stay on the channelís admin list for security reasons. For example if just the vhost: *!* was on the admin list, it creates an obvious security hole where anyone on that vhost would have access.

You are responsible for who uses this vhost. There is not to be any abuse while on this vhost, or you will be subject to revoking of the vhost privilege.

HOW TO not join any channels before you log in with ChanServ`s vhost system!

First, make sure the 2 settings below are exactly like the ones below ;)

Just load it after extracting it into your mirc dir with //load -rs etgvhost.ini
yes when it asks to run  initialization commands else it wont work.

After this the following menu appears in the mirc menubar, should be self explanatory. Click the picture below for a fullsize screen.

click for fullsize picture

HOW TO add channels for auto join:

Hit alt-a, go to the view menu and select etgvhost.ini, then just look at the bottom like the example below. Click the picture below for a fullsize screen.

click for fullsize picture

- Conz

Last Updated: May 5th, 2005 - By: WHiZ
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