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Introduction to EnterTheGame
ETG was started as a dream that evolved. It`s a network FOR gamers run by gamers, owned by a gamer. The network was created because a few gamers got tired of other networks splitting and network admins that were either non-existant or not helpful. The ETG Admins are gamers and irc users as well. We are here for the users of the network, because we want to help the gaming community as a whole by providing somewhere to meet other clans and teams for matches or leagues.

We have a wide variety of channels on our network. Mostly clan and team channels, ETG also provides a place for Leagues (like GGL) and Ladders to organize as well as Pick Up Game Channels, of which there are quite a variety of games to choose from, as well as continents. We have trivia channels, an uno channel, a few channels where people just congregate to chat with friends that aren`t in the same clan.

We host the official chat rooms for Doom3 and Unreal Tournament as well as community channels and forums for WoW, Doom3, UT and CS. We have mod channels from most of the major games like ThreeWave, OSP and UrbanTerror. We have community channels on here like BeyondUnreal and UTCommunity. There are channels that can do gamecasts for your matches and channels to get game news. We have a few hosting companies on ETG that will host your game server or TS or ventrilo.

A some of the many games/mods found on ETG are: Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Condition Zero, CS:Source, Dark Age of Camelot, Day of Defeat, Doom3, Enemy Territory, GuildWars, Serious Sam 1/2, Quake 1, Quake 2, Quake 3 and soon Quake 4.

We offer free vhosts for channels, services designed to help secure your channel and your vhosts, and many other benefits because we have custom services adapted to your needs and suggestions as well as the security of the network.

We strive daily to bring you the best we have to offer and are looking forward to many new changes that should be beneficial to you, our users.

See you on ETG!
Last Updated: May 10th, 2005 - By: Kismet
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